About Us?

Smart Helpline is the culmination of 35 years of experience of its Chairman, Dov Kagan. Throughout his career Mr. Kagan’s he formed extensive consolidator relationships throughout the world and refined domestic and international faring strategies. This has made his multinational corporate travel management company an expert in the industry. When franchises of the largest TMC’s started seeking his team’s help with international itineraries, he knew there was a need for a top-notch international fare desk specifically designed with travel agents and agencies as the end users.

Although online sites have emerged in recent years with the ability to search consolidator fares and low-cost carrier fares, there is currently no online site that can replace the comprehensive knowledge and creativity of global airfare experts. Smart Helpline was created to fill the gap by providing comprehensive global airfare analysis.

Where consolidator and consolidator online booking sites stop, Smart Helpline is just starting. For cost comparison quotes, we’ll leave no stone unturned in our global search for the best fare that meets your clients’ needs. When repricing a ticket, we’ll perform an in depth search to beat your ticketed fare within the 24 hour voiding period.

Our performance based business model promotes the highest degree of savings for our clients. Quite simply, we don’t get paid unless we save!