“Sleep Easy” Solution – Quality Control

How can you “Sleep Easy”?

Our clients have the option of choosing our “Sleep Easy” solution. We’re keeping watch 24/7, analyzing and repricing your daily PNR’s. ….all while you sleep!  Our global, dedicated quality control teams  are searching your PNR’s for:

  • Pricing exceeding set thresholds
  • Total travel and connection times
  • Complex itineraries
  • Non-advance purchases
  • Business and First Class tickets or any other class
  • Alternate routing options
  • Fare Class

While you’ve kicked off your shoes for the day, you can rest easy knowing our global airfare experts are working to provide you with a lower fare to the ticketed itinerary and/or a cheaper alternative within the 24 hour ticket voiding window.

How do we  access your PNR’s?

We work with our clients to find the option that works best for your business needs.  No matter which option(s) you choose, you maintain control of your PNR’s.  Currently, we recommend one of the following processes:

  • PNR’s can be automatically queued to Smart Helpline
  • Clients can send us a report of all PNR’s
  • Emulation of your GDS – Smart Helpline works with all major GDS systems
  • Need to compare fares pre-ticketing, you can send us a fare comparison request anytime via phone or email

What happens next?:

  • PNR’s are reviewed, and our airfare experts work to rescue your fare
  • When we have access to your PNR, we place comments if a lower fare has been found
  • If a lower fare is found, you contact your customer and share the option
  • If the lower fare is accepted, the reservation is completed, and sent to Smart Helpline for ticketing

Where consolidator and consolidator online booking sites stop, Smart Helpline is just starting. For cost comparison quotes, we’ll leave no stone unturned in our global search for the best fare that meets your clients’ preferences and time constraints. When repricing a ticket, we’ll perform an in depth search to beat your ticketed fare within the 24 hour voiding period.

Our performance based business model promotes the highest degree of savings for our clients. Quite simply, we don’t get paid unless we save!